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XO Coffee's French Roast has natural, bold characteristic flavors of the Sumatra bean without acidic notes. Bittersweet tones from the roast dominate the flavor. After we roast the coffee beans, they have a dark brown color and a shiny surface from its oils. French roast coffees are prevalent in coffee associated with the American West. If you like coffee from an unnamed Seattle-based chain, you'll love our French Roast. XO Coffee pods K-cup® brewer compatible.

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XO’s French Roast coffee has a signature taste and rich coffee character from a longer, hotter roast. Not all beans can handle these higher temperatures – so we use only top-quality Sumatra Arabica coffee. Beans mature slowly at these altitudes, becoming denser, harder and packed with flavor — perfect for retaining boldness and complexity under the intense heat of a deep roast. Our French Roast is for those who embrace a powerful taste, pronounced smoky overtones, and pleasant bite.

Our French Roast is made from Sumatra’s top-grade Arabica beans. It is complex without being heavy, and has a balanced acidity that resonates deep from the moment we lift the cup.



Why Organic?

Conventional coffee (not ours – we’re anything but conventional) is among the most heavily chemically treated foods in the world. It is steeped in synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides. Not only does the environment suffer from these unnatural chemicals, but so do the people who live in it. In addition, these chemicals affect the taste and purity of your coffee.

XO Coffee uses no synthetic fertilizers or chemicals used in growing or production, which means cleaner beans, air, land, and water. XO Coffee organic beans are richer in healthful antioxidants – and most people can even taste the difference. Your health and the health of the planet, both get a boost – as well as your taste buds.

Why Fair Trade?

Each cup of XO’s Fair Trade coffee can help farmers escape poverty. Most small-scale family farmers live in remote locations and lack access to credit, so they are vulnerable to middlemen who offer cash for their coffee at a fraction of its value. Fair Trade guarantees farmers a minimum price, and links farmers directly with importers, creating long-term sustainability. Through Fair Trade, farmers earn better incomes, allowing them to hold on to their land and invest in quality.


We are working hard to provide our customers with a 100% biodegradable, organic, fair trade, single-serve coffee that tastes great. We’re very close to our goal. Our pods are 99% biodegradable, but we won’t rest until they’re 100%.

The only part of our coffee pods that still aren’t biodegradable is the internal filter mesh. To date, we haven’t found a biodegradable version capable of withstanding the heat of our production process. But we’re not giving up!

Some people ask us why we bother if we can’t achieve 100% compostability yet. Well, because all reduction in permanent waste makes a huge difference. Together, we can reduce the garbage being generated by single-serve coffee.

Works With Your Brewer - or Ours

The XO Brewer is perfect for commercial environments or homes. It works with all K-cup® compatible coffee pods (even other brands) as well as (of course) XO Coffee pods. The XO Brewer makes a better cup of coffee because the water is set to a higher temperature and the coffee is brewed a little bit slower extracting the ultimate flavor from the coffee beans.

The XO Brewer brews K-Cup® or XO Coffee Pods.
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